The Future of Live Bird Handling Systems

The world of the farm needs to be connected to the world of the processing plant, where the live product becomes food for human beings. 
There is increasing attention on how the food is produced in terms of quality, microbiological safety and respect for the animals. 

The theme of Animal Welfare is a challenge for the industry, because it is a necessary behaviour, which does not have a clear and accountable payback. 
Any damage to the birds in the early stage of farming, catching, transporting, plant handling and stunning, becomes permanent, and no process in the following stages can mend what was damaged.

Top Productivity and Top Product Quality are the result of a constant care for our birds, in order to avoid them to get injured or to suffer. Our system is taking care of Birds Welfare, Operator Welfare, Ergonomics, Hygiene, Information, Flexibility, Total Cost of Ownership and Yield. Our promise is to transform True Animal Welfare in a regular daily practice which will help our customers increase Productivity and Quality of the final product. 

Demand of high productivity comes from the need to supply increasing amounts of meat to further processing facilities. Bigger birds, processed through high speed lines, provide important savings in processing costs. This has a significant impact on the methods and the equipment used for handling the live birds.

High speed is a common keyword in our industry and the challenge is to achieve it, while maintaining or exceeding high standards of product care, respecting present and future regulations.

This is the base for our newly developed Live Bird Handling System: Meyn Maxiload Twin.