Our History

In 2018, the assets of Maxitech and Maxi STM were acquired by Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V., the global market leader in poultry processing solutions with an extensive portfolio of poultry processing machines. As a result, the business activies are being continued under the subsidairy Meyn Italy s.l.r. Together the companies share vast knowledge and expertise in world-class live bird handling solutions, more specifically live bird handling systems, thereby offering a complete portfolio in arrival systems including C02 stunning systems. The Maxitech products are valuable additions to the Meyn portfolio and will be incorporated into Meyn’s family of products.

Maxitech Offices
Meyn Food Processing Technology BV has established Meyn Italy s.r.l. and acquired the assets of Maxitech SRL. and Maxi STM; companies specialized in world-class live bird handling solutions.
Launch of Maxiload® Twin module and of the new Live Bird Handling System. The Module can be loaded from four positions at the same time and the System is characterised by high speed and a reduced footprint. It was a new reference for Top Hygiene, thanks to new Washing machines for both the Drawers and the Frame. 
The New Production Site for MaxiSTM was inaugurated. That is where Maxiload Modules were going to be produced and where the new Twin system would be manufactured. Patents were filed for several machineries for inclusion in the Maxiload Twin Live Bird Handling System.
A new headquarter for Maxitech was opened, near BRESCIA. It was the 10th anniversary of the company.
Launch of Maxiload STD. The first module where the animals are loaded from bottom to top and the operator pulls empty drawers: a best practice for Animal Welfare. Several Patent were filed. A new CO2 stunning system was developed.
The company Maxitech was founded by Massimo Zanotti with the promise to transform True Animal Welfare in a daily practice, which helps slaughterhouses around the world to increase their Productivity and the Quality of the final product.