CO2 Stunning System


Meyn Continuous CO2 stunning system uses a mixture of atmospheric air and CO2, a gas that is commonly present in the atmosphere. While the birds are lowered into the tunnel, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere gradually increases from 5 to 70%, ensuring a very progressive induction time. From that moment the birds remain fully unconscious until when they have passed the killing machine.

Birds are placed in the drawers at the farm and they will not suffer any further handling, while being conscious. At the plant, the drawers are handled automatically, without touching or disturbing the birds. All dumping from modules is totally avoided.

True Animal Welfare Stunning System

Thanks to a unique conveyor system design, the patented stunning system can be adjusted to meet the required rate of drawers per minute and finalize the settings by optimizing the transit time in relation to the bird’s reactions. High-precision gas sensors are placed in three positions, inside the tunnel. 

The proper setting of the system results in True Animal Welfare and Top Quality Meat, as proven by independent scientific studies.


True Animal Welfare is a wide concept involving good practices of live bird handling. It includes all the actions happening between the farm and the processing plant. The Meyn Maxiload® modules have very wide openings in order to avoid injuries to the birds. 

During transport, the variable ventilation patterns in summer and winter offer protection for birds from the weather elements and the extreme temperature, while the air flow is still at optimum level. 

At the plant, a gentle handling of the drawers and a highly progressive induction phase, let the birds settle quietly without reactions.


The final meat quality, spotless and of a high level of tenderness, is the proof of the proper previous handling of the live birds and it is giving a very interesting level of payback, which leads to consider True Animal Welfare a good investment. Indipendent scientific studies are available for describing the effectiveness of the results.

Technical manual with SOP

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