Meyn Maxiload STD Module


Meyn Maxiload STD is an innovative Live Bird Handling System, fully in compliance with the European Directives on Animal Welfare. It was developed to answer the slaughter house needs to improve the plant productivity, by increasing the handling speed, while not compromising on bird health or operator ergonomics. 

One of the main innovations brought to the market by Meyn Maxiload STD is the fact that the birds are loaded in the drawers from the bottom of the module to the top. Once the first level is completed, the operator pulls the empty drawer above, in order to protect the birds underneath, and he starts loading the next level: in this way, the operator always moves empty drawers.

Meyn Maxiload STD was designed to minimize interferences among operators, since each one works on its own module, independently. The big size drawer, the possibility to place the module close to the gathering point and the fact that only empty drawers are moved, minimize the bird damage that usually happens in this phase of the process. 

Meyn Maxiload STD can easily reach a speed of 6 drawers per minute: supposing an average bird live weight of 1,6 kg, that means about 19.000 birds per hours. Meyn Maxiload® STD increases the efficiency during the transport from the farm to the slaughter house, since it allows more birds per truck. That means less trucks for the same amount of birds. Moreover, the ventilation during transport was engineered in order to give less Dead birds on Arrival, compared with other handling systems.

The modules are built either for chickens or for turkeys and are available in various configurations.