• Meyn Maxiload
    Your Bridge from the Farm to the Shackle


Meyn Italy s.r.l. designs, engineers and produces Live Bird Handling Solutions where Animal Welfare is the key ingredient to achieve High Productivity and Top Quality Meat. 


Meyn Maxiload is an umbrella name that identifies Live Bird Handling Systems designed and Engineering by Meyn Italy s.r.l. They are the connection between the Farms and your Slaughterhouse. At the heart of the system there is the concept of Animal Welfare that gives you High Productivity and Top Quality meat: you just have to add your live birds!

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Meyn Maxiload STD was the first LBH system designed by Meyn Italy s.r.l. In the module the birds are loaded from the bottom to the top. Once the first level is completed, the operator pulls the empty drawer above, in order to protect the birds underneath and he starts the loading of the next level: in that way, the operator always moves empty drawers.


Meyn Maxiload Twin is the new generation of Meyn Maxiload LBH systems. At the heart of the System is a new module that can be loaded at the farm from four positions at the same time. The Live Bird Handling system is characterized by a reduced foot print and very high speeds.

Meyn Maxiload Brochure

Download the Brochure to get more informations about Meyn Maxiload STD and Meyn Maxiload Twin